Political Activism
As a company, we have certain resources that individual activists do not. We try to use that special ability to support political causes that need help. American Apparel regularly uses its billboards, advertisements, press contacts and even printed t-shirts to speak out about important issues. Our two biggest issues have been Immigration Reform and Gay Rights
Legalize LA
American Apparel has been campaigning for immigration reform for over 11 years. Immigration is an issue that weighs heavy on the hearts of our employees and family members. As citizens of Los Angeles, we know the benefits that all hardworking immigrants bring to this city and its culture and we've been fighting to change the system that strips them of rights and dignity. View our site and blog, LegalizeLA.net for more information about our stance on Immigration Reform.
Legalize Gay
When California voters passed Prop 8 in 2008, we let our GBLT employees know we would support whatever they wanted to do. We believe in freedom, expression and equality, things that are inherently condemned in the prohibition of gay marriage. After printing a few hundred Legalize Gay t-shirts for a rally they attended, the company received thousands of requests from people all over the world who asked for us to expand it. We've since given away over 50,000 of these shirts, run protest advertisements and even partnered with HRC for their enormous march on Washington. View our site and blog, LegalizeGay.com for more information about our stance on gay rights.